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For sale is my 1992 Volvo 240DL sedan. The Volvo is just broken in with 222k on the clock, and is in good shape inside and out considering age and mileage. I am the third owner with a clean title in hand. Sorry for the long read, but I don't want there to be any surprises.


Paint is decent having had the hood, roof and trunk repainted at some point by the previous owner, but it wasn't the best job. Looks better in pics than in person, but not night and day different. Body is free of any major rust --some light surface rust on door edges and inside edges of wheel wells, some bubbling around windshield, but no rot or holes anywhere. There are a couple small, minor dings here and there, but nothing serious. Underneath is quite clean as well. The chassis grease points seem to have been always taken care of, and suspension mounting points are solid as are the floors. Mouldings are all present, weatherstripping is mostly good except driver side doors where it's dried and cracked along the bottom of the window.


This Volvo is in surprisingly good shape inside as well. Clean upholstery (except a small streak of dried paint on the back seat), no rips or burns, no funny smells or stains. Has OEM plastic molded floor mats front and back which are in good shape and so is the carpet underneath them. Dash has a couple cracks on top at the corners of the gauge cluster. Has an aftermarket head unit with USB and auxiliary inputs, but the speakers are either OEM, or an older upgrade--it's usable, but not great. One speaker cover has a crack, the rest are good. Has both front door pockets mostly in tact, but they have been broken then repaired. All seats are supportive, fronts adjust as they should. The only real eyesore is the rear shelf--totally sunbaked and discolored. Power windows all work, but rear driver side is really slow to go up. Central locking works, heat melts you, A/C works but is weak, or I just haven't had an old car in a long time and it actually works great, but I'm just spoiled.

Recent work:

The car has 222k on the working odometer. It runs and drives well for a 23 year old Volvo. I have done a bit of work to it in the past few months (have receipts for parts):

-Oil and filter changed
-Engine and bay degreased
-Valve cover gasket replaced
-Oil filler cap replaced
-Motor mounts replaced
-Muffler and tail pipe replaced
-Rear bumper rebuilt
-Two brand new rear tires (fronts have good tread, but are wearing unevenly due to alignment need)
-New spare (looks to have never been used, holds air)
-Restored headlight lenses
-Replaced broken corner lens

The previous owner had the following recent work done (have receipts)

-Timing belt service at 216k miles 10/2014
-AC recharged/repaired at 214k miles 7/2014
-Front struts, upper strut mounts, rear shocks, lower left ball joint, front sway bar mounts, power steering pump 8/2013
-Tie rod ends 6/2013
-Transmission crossmember 1/2013

You will also get with purchase a new oil pan gasket, a trans mount, a new center driveshaft bearing with spring, donut, and flex disc. I didn't move on to replacing the driveshaft parts since replacing the motor mounts almost totally eliminated the vibrations the car had. The oil pan doesn't currently leak, but I figured it's not that hard to do so might as well at the next oil change. The only things that currently may need attention in the near future are:

-An alignment
-Bushings somewhere in the front end (some clunking over big bumps/pot holes and some vibration)
-Rear pads and rotors (based on visual inspection, they don't grind or squeal currently)
-Trans flush and fill (no receipt for when it was last done, trans does function properly)
-The center driveshaft bits will have to be done at some point, but as I said the new motor mounts took care of almost all drivetrain vibration (still get a little vibration under load from 20-25 MPH)

I am asking $2000 on Craigslist, but I'd give a better deal to someone from the forum. I would be happy to send additional pics via text or email too. Call or text me for fastest response at 508-241-0457. Thanks for looking!

If you are having trouble viewing the images you can see them on my Craigslist ad

or on imgur

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