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1990 Volvo 240 DL - 110k - $2,800. Car in Northern Virginia:

Available is my 1990 Volvo 240 with around 110,500 miles. I recently purchased this around 4 months ago at 107,800 miles and have done the following update/maintenance making this my daily driver. Mileage will increase until sold. Car runs excellent and can see it going for another 200k miles with proper upkeep. Recently did two 550 mile trips up north to New York and no problems. Two people plus 80 lbs of stuff with AC on at 90F+ heat. Does not overheat. Great on gas, for this car averaging 26 MPG on highway with my mods (see below)!

Car has power windows, working 5 bar oil gauge and voltmeter gauge, and just replace large clock with tachometer. Newer JVC stereo cd player and with okay sound system. Bentley Guide and extra misc parts/fuses/relays comes with sale.

Was planning to do more stuff to the car (see below) as well as give it a paint job to make it look real nice...but will have a new addition to the family so need a bigger car. (And wife wants a newer car.) Also a new contract will have me doing 500+ miles 3-4 times per quarter so rather not put it onto this classic car.

Bid with confidence and drive this car home after you win! Or I can help facilitate shipping with your shipper.

AutoCheck report available on first link below.

Cash on pick up only. It is not a try and buy deal but you are welcome to come over for inspection and test drive beforehand.

Below are details of the car that I could remember. Please ask me any questions and I will try to answer them as best I can,...just an amateur DIY mechanic. Car is sold as-is where is. Clean title.

PROS: (Have pretty much all receipts. Did a lot of the work myself but some I had to take to my mechanic.)

synthetic oil/filter change
synthetic transmission flush
cleaned engine during oil change with Seafoam
cleaned fuel system with Seafoam and 2 bottles of Techron
Mobile One synthetic differential oil
new gas filter
new air filter
new NGK iridium spark plugs
new Bougicord ignition wire set
new distributor cap and rotor
new O2 sensor
new flame trap
new fuel pressure regulator
drained and added radiator vitamin VR-12 fluid x 2 (32 oz)
cleaned mass air flow sensor
cleaned throttle body and replaced with new gasket
cleaned idle air control

new wheel alignment
brand new upgraded 4 Falken 205/60/r14 tires
sealed exhaust manifold and downpipe and replaced with new gasket
A/C maintenance, R134a fill and new accumulator/dryer (blows cold)
replaced partial exhaust system
new poly bushings for torque rods

new remanufactured Generation 3 Bosch fuel injectors (higher torque and better MPG but harder idle and lifter sound when pushing it at 80-90 mph when passing on highway -unintentional : ) )(Saw this mod on few forums and at Fiveomotors for over $200+ brand new.)
new added 1.5" front lower spoiler lip for aerodynamics and sportier look
added front and mid undercarraige poly board pan for aerodynamics - I SELL THIS PRODUCT ON EBAY -search item # 231678922850
Increase gas mileage to 26-28 mpg on highway averaging 70 mph! Note that this would probably be higher if you drive 55-65 MPH and without AC on. (Originally, this car mpg is 18/24 mpg and mine will average 1-3 miles more per gallon.) Average around 22 mpg in mix suburb/highway for me. Car is more zippy with the new injectors as well. I still have the old injectors and will be included in the sale unless it is sold on ebay first. You can sell these or revert back to old injectors and sell other ones making $50-100 back!

AC blue snowflake flip switch mod. This mod allows you to turn on your AC compressor manually and still adjust the temperature vs having the climate control on all the time. You can search this on the Internet.

new 2 Volvo keys 1 of which is unused (plus 2 old keys total 4 keys)
new Phillips Crystalvision Ultra xeon look head light bulbs
new left glass headlight assembly
new DIY genuine leather steering wheel cover (feels so much better)
new front and rear bumper Diamond Grade reflective tape (really bright) - I SELL THIS PRODUCT ON EBAY -search item # 231662844536
new rear dash carpet - I SELL THIS PRODUCT ON EBAY -search item # 231660619649
new front dash slot carpet - I SELL THIS PRODUCT ON EBAY -search item # 231660619649
new gray faux leather seat covers with memory foam cushion inserts (front seats are gray but with different pattern from rear seats; you might eventually want to update the seat with newer ones but I find they are comfortable as is)
replaced center console with used one and all lights work
added used cup and coin holder from Saab (now there is a place to put your drinks though tight space)
new light bulbs throughout
new fuses - all have been replaced
new rubber antenna
new windshield wipers Rain-X Latitude (best for the price)
refurbish front Volvo all-weather floor mat and new general floor mats all around
new locking gas cap with 2 keys as well as original gas cap
new subdued black exhaust tip
misc interior parts that I don't recall offhand

CONS: (was planning to fix or get this done but will now leave it up to you)

-seat heaters not working (have not looked at them yet as it is summer but all wiring is there, light works, so connections probably just needs to be reattached on seat heater coils which is the likely issue)
-common warning bulb light on dash when stepping on brakes (have not resolve this yet and is minor issue to me)
-cruise control (checked on all hoses/connections are good so probably because of warning bulb light that is causing it from engaging)
-fan does not work on level 1 but does on level 2-4 (Was informed by enthusiast that, "Some cars were modified by mechanics to bypass the lowest speed, as this creates the most strain on the motor when started in the lowest setting. On other cars, the blower motor was replaced, and the modification was also done, to protect the motor.")
-need new rear shocks (pair of KYB Gas-A-Just for $62 on ebay)
-there is rust on rear wheel-wells and misc areas as per images; 98% rust free on undercarriage and none on floor pan areas (quoted by my mechanic/body-shop $700-800 for bodywork and full paint job)(Current paint is acceptable especially from 10 feet away but it you want it to look nice, then best get it done)(I took it through the car wash and it left streaks as per passenger rear but suspect it will come out with good wash and wax)
-there are 2 minor dents: 1 on rear driver fender and 1 on front passenger corner as shown in images
-there are 2 cracks on the dash but you will not notice it when driving
-other minor misc things for a 25 year old car that stops it from being a perfect brand new one


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