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due to some financial catastrophes, i am most likely going to have to sell my freshly bought 1990 volvo 740 TI


engine: B230FT
mi.: 194,500
4 door

plugs, wires, cap, various other tidbits have been replaced.
it has IPD springs, IPD exhaust, the adjustable cam gear, push button start, air horns( :lol: )
it does need a few things though, but even for a novice car enthusiast these things are not difficult to replace.

tie rods need replacing, alignment will be needed too
the car has no CAT, but i have bought one, and it will be included in the sale.
it has a problem when you floor it and let off the accelerator, at low speeds it dies, but in normal everyday driving it's fine. could possibly be the idle air control, or just a throttle body cleaning.

body is in fantastic shape, all windows and sunroof work.

pics upon request

bought it for 800 which was a pretty good deal, but as of right now the price will be set at 600 obo. i really, really, REALLY hate to see this go, but as i said, plans for this car must be scrapped, due to some unfortunate financial problems. ugh. i really dont want to see this thing go, but if it goes in to the right hands i will be happy.
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