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I purchased this car unmolested in spring of 2001 and have taken very good care of it since then. In June of 2005, right after getting 3rd place in the VCOA Davis Car Show, I got hit in San Francisco on the front quarter panel. I was then out of the country for a month. When I came back, I got all the parts to fix it myself, and then the transmission went out. In it's current state, it drives, but the transmission was slipping a little over 4K rpm and will most likely not last very long. Other than that, It has only left me stranded once, when the fuel pump went out. Here's a rundown of the car:
1989 B230FT 189K
3" mandrel bent turbo back exhaust with extra O2 bung for wideband, hi-flow race cat, magnaflow muffler (sounds awesome) - 500$
Boostcontrollers.com MBC @ 14 psi - 40$
MVP Intake (cone filter) with heatshield (no longer produced) - 120$
Nology Hot wires - 120$
90+ exhaust manifold - 75$
Nissens 3 row all metal radiator with new hoses- 200$
ATP BOV - 190$
Browntop Injectors (not installed) - 50$
Bilstein TC Shocks and Struts - 220$
SAM Steffanson Progressive lowering springs - 200$
Cherry Turbo (iPd) upper and lower chassis braces - 250$
iPd sway bars with polyurethane bushings - 300$
Polyurethane strut rod bushings - 65$
Zimmerman X-drilled rotors all around - 240$
PBR Ultimate Ceramic Brake Pads - 80$
SS brake lines (not installed) - 100$
17" Canisto Rims (C70) with good condition tires 225/45/17 - 500$
25mm adapters for the rims - 170$
Sylvania Cool Blue Low Beams
100W fog light bulbs
Fiberglass OEM replica side splitters (made by jao) - 125$ (plus painting)
20% rear tint, 35% front windows - 230$
Trans Am Spoiler color matched to body - 20$ (plus painting)
Debadged 'intercooler' logo
Blacked out Front headlight trim
Body color matched side view mirrors
Body color matched air vent cover (snow cap cover) - 40$ (plus painting)
Ford Red painted cam cover, IC pipes, and brake calipers (same color as bottom end)
Very good condition leather
Alpine Head-unit - 200$ (when new)
Infinity Kappa 6 ½" 3 way speakers up front - 190$
JL Audio 5 ¼" 2 way speakers in rear doors - 140$
PPI 4 Channel Amplifier - 150$
2 MTX Roadthunder 6000 12" Subs - 200$
Infinity Beta 2 channel amp (powers subs nicely) - 100$
Also have an extra JL audio 10W3 in a custom enclosure that fits on the rear trunk ledge of 740's - 150$
New fuel pressure regulator - 40$
New O2 sensor - 120$
Replaced Exhaust manifold gaskets - 300+$ worth of labor

5125$ in parts (not including labor and installation)

The Bad:
Transmission Blown (used one can be sourced from Volvo/Saab for ~200-300$, or from the junkyard for ~100$)
Hit on drivers side front quarter panel (I have a replacement one, in white, along with a new parking light, and a new turn signal)
Slight wear on paint on trunk edges and spoiler
Small Chips on front spoiler, small scratches on roof
Small dent in hood, can be popped out easily

I am looking for 3K$ for this car, but it could be negotiable.
I feel that the price is very fair as Blue book for the car is about 2400$ (aside from the repairs) and I have over 5K$ of other parts into it.

The car is located in Santa Rosa, CA, about an hour North of San Francisco.

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