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hi all i hate to do this but one of my Volvo need to go so i can get out of under my car payment for my s60,as work is slow n i cant really afford 260 a month payments on the s60. so i need to sell one of my two cars:

88 245 dl in baby blue w about 180 to 185,000 miles on in pretty much ecxallent shape inside n out, w power mirrors, fog lights,alpine cd player and the stock volvo 4 inch speakers replaced to the Volvo 5 1/4 Volvo 240 speakers, still have all the original parts i upgraded or replaced. Was always maintained by Wentworth Volvo till 2011 n always garged till 2011, i have a copy of all the records till i bought it along w a copy of the oringinal bill of sale from Wentworth Volvo in 88. Im only the 3rd owner 2nd owner was my body shop who bought it from the original owner n sold it to me. the bad: the stock odo/speedo died and replaced w same exact cluster reading 401,000 miles on it from my indie shop, light surface rust just starting on the in the rear tire arch not effecting paint at all, paint as a few scratches n two small dents.thinking about $2500 obo

2002 Volvo s60 awd in dark blue w 135,000 that i currently owe on n need to ether pay it off n keep it or pay it off n sell it. Had just invited $5000 at my indie shop to get all maintenance n major issues fixed n up to date.It has brand new set of summer tires on the stock alloys n snow/ice tires w only 1 session on them mounted to Volvo steel wheels. the bad: check engine just came on my obd2 reader saying o2 senser, n i set the srs light off when i pulled the radio, n hvac to c about replacing some of the back lights on the hvac. asking 4000 obo on it. have a copy of all the work done on it in sept 2011 from my indie shop.

more pics of both cars to follow n feel free to message me w any questions or offers
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