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Hey everyone! I'm new so let me know if this should be posted somewhere else!

I own a 1987 760 GLE (V6), and I wanted to add a bit to the community as I have recently upgraded the in-tank lift pump from the stock 13 psi one to a Walbro 255 60psi pump.

This is the same pump I have on my LS swapped '82 Camaro, so I figured it would be a good replacement for the old pump in the 760 as the old one was going out anyway, and I plan on putting a turbo on this brick in the future. Only very minor adjustments were necessary.

Removing the old pump looked daunting at first until I found out that there is a hatch designed exactly for this! Thanks Volvo! The hatch..or plate, is located in the trunk, so you might have to get inside of your trunk with the toold necessary for the job.

Pull the sending unit by disconnecting hoses and wired, then turning the large threaded ring around the whole thing with a soft chisel and hammer combo, slowly tapping away until you can turn it by hand.

My fuel pump seemed like it had been replaced, as the wires were, unfortunately, butt connected (very very poorly, almost all wires fell out with little pulling), so im not sure if there is usually a connector there. In my case, I cut the wires, planning on using solder butt connectors to close it up.

Once the sending unit is out, disconnect the old lift pump, and take the orange plastic sleeve that was around it off of the sending unit as well. The Walbro pump is a bit girthier so it required me to simply cut the plastic sleeve so it could open up a bit, then securing it back with zip ties. In my photos you can see that I soldered the new connector directly to the old wires, but only because they were corroded all the way down. If your wires are alright, the Walbro pump kit comes with an adaptor harness.

Connect everything up, zip tie the pump acouple of times, and add the filter onto the bottom by pusing really hard, and voilà! You have a turbo ready pump. Put everything back in the car and really make sure your hose clamps are on tight cause the pressure difference is substantial.

I sprung a few leaks, but only at hose clamp areas, only requiring me to tighten them all up. The pump works fine currently, even with the main pump in front of it. I plan on just takiing that out and replacing it with a soft line this weekend.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Also thanks to Bad Company Inc in Toano, VA for letting me use their shop and for their help.
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