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You can check out all the details on Ebay Motors. Search item number4632547070

Description from ad...

We are selling this Volvo after many wonderful years of service to our family. It was originally purchased from Morehead Volvo in Newburgh New York. We have some, but not all, of the dealer service stamps. We are offering this car for sale with a nominal/reasonable reserve amount.

The body is in excellent shape for being 20 years old. There are some minor dents, dings, scrapes and scratches. Overall, it is a good looking car. The rocker panel behind the driver side front wheel has some body rot which can only be noticed by getting down on one knee to inspect. The all season tires are on the car and will be included with the car. The tires are in excellent condition. There is a small ding noticable on the driver door which is represented in the photos.

The interior is in excellent shape as well. There is some minor wear showing as you would expect on a car this age. The seats are not ripped and the headliner is in nice condition as well. There is a map holder panel missing on the passenger side as you can see in the pictures. The radio is in good working order but the antenna is not working.

The car runs and drives exceptionally well. The engine runs without hesitation or miss. The transmission shifts perfectly. The steering and brakes feel great. There are no major mechanical issues with this car. This vehicle is currently North Carolina State inspected.

This would be a wonderful vehicle for someone looking for a safe, dependable vehicle with many more years of dependable service ahead of it.

As with many Volvo's of this lineage, we have had problems with the odometer, however, we have taken many strides to document what has been done through vehicle service records. The original (1st) odometer was replaced slightly less than 10K. The next(2nd) was a brand new odometer that lasted for 132,363 before it broke. The current odometer on the vehicle is used and we have taken a photo of it showing 181,581. The odometer had 176,174 on it when installed.(shown in the photo) We have added an additional 5,407miles to the current odometer. This brings us to our calculation of 147,770 for the vehicle. (10,000+132,363+5,407)

We have added photos of the documentation for these odometer changes.

The air conditiong does not work. The blower fan for heat does, on occasion, make a wining sound.
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