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1985 Turbo

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This is the same car that doesn't have a key. Can anyone tell me some stuff about it? It doesn't say "240" on the back or anything, it just says "Turbo".


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For a number of years ('80 through '85) Volvo didn't use the "240" name, but rather it was identified by the trim level or engine. There was the DL, GL, GT, GLE, GLT, Turbo, Diesel, and Coupe. The GLE was a 260, the GLT had the turbo trim and wheels, but didn't always have a turbo engine in '81 and '82 (sometimes a B21F in the US or a B23E in Canada). A 240 turbo could be a GLT, GLT Turbo, or just Turbo. The Coupe was the 262 Bertone. For 1979 & earlier, the 240 series was identified as a 240 or 260 with the number of doors specified in the name as the third digit, like 244 (sedan), or 245 (wagon). The names were also followed by the trim level, like 245DL or 242GT or 262C.

On my links page below there's a site that you can use to decode the VIN if you're wondering what information it holds. It's near the bottom under General Information. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Since it's after 1984.5, wouldn't it have an intercooler? I heard that the engine specs are 161hp/181lbs of torque. What are the 0-60 times for it?
Yes, all '85 240T's were intercooled at the factory, and those specs are correct for hp/torque. I'm not certain about 0-60, but I know it's under 8 seconds. I think 7.2-7.5sec. might be about right, but remember that they were that fast when new, so you may not actually get it to 60mph that fast now in stock form. If it has an auto trans, it will be about a half second slower.

The non-intercooled Turbo was advertised to hit 60mph in 9 seconds.

0-60 in 7.5 is pretty fast. Could I expect that with an engine rebuild? I plan on replacing the turbo on it and running 15psi.
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