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1983 242 TI Flat hood 4spd + OD

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I am selling my 242 TI, I had placns to restore, and it breaks my heart but I have to many cars and I am working on a V70R right now andcan't afford all of these cars. It needs quarters and a rear diff. It runs better then any 240 or 740 TI have ever owned or driven and thousands were spent on maintenence including the clutch, injection system and the suspension bushings etc. The R wheel is not included I am selling it seperatly. It runs and drives but the rear is noisey. The housing cover rusted and leaked the fluid, it has since been replaced but it is still noisey. The floors are solid as are the rockers except for the rear section, all power options work as does the moonroof, which has a new seal. I am asking $1000. And I will not take $500. Thanks
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