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1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe

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1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (pictures)

I'm posting this car for my uncle,if you have questions just ask .
1981 GLT turbo coupe,AC,cruise,am/fm/cb indash from volvo,pwr windows,sunroof.
4 spd od trans,4cyl turbo(b 21f).
Car is in good shape,small rust spot on drivers rear quarter.
147,000 miles,about 40,000 miles are from being hauled behind a motor home from illinois to florida every winter.Asking 2.000
Lets see if these pics work.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/show
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Re: 1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (3car)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Lynn.

Upload the pics at flickr.com or any other free hosting site then paste the url to the flickr pics into your swedespeed reply.

George Dill
Re: 1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (3car)

My little sis has been looking for a Volvo for her first car. Would you mind shooting some photos to my email? [email protected]
Re: 1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (3car)

I've added some pictures,sorry it took so long.
Please let me know if this worked.
Re: (benjam83)

I don't think so,I'll ask him today when I see him.
Re: 1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (3car)

I can't find the pictures.
Re: 1981 volvo GLT torbo coupe (gdill2)

I'm still new to all this,but I'm learning more every day.
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