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Unsure if parts cars should go in Cars for Sale or Parts, so apologies if I've picked the wrong one!

This car is for PARTS ONLY. Body has way too much rust to make it a project, but to the best of my knowledge is still full of mechanically good parts for pulling. Bought by my parents used in '82 or '83 and was a daily driver until 2012. Finally stopped driving it when (I believe it was the Y-downpipe) cracked and I was moving to NY and didn't consider it worth fixing anymore.

The bad:
* Rusted beyond reasonable repair.
* All the usual stuff you'd expect from a 39 year old car - vinyl's all shot, chrome has wear, lights are cracked, wiring should be assumed to be borderline worthless, no working A/C
* Front end, right quarter panel and hood are from an '83 donor wagon after I had a 5MPH disagreement with the tow hook of an SUV
* Approximately 350k miles on it, as to be expected odometer broke in the mid '90s so only shows 160k or something like that.
* Tires are 10 years old and shouldn't be trusted for road, even inflated - needs to be taken on a flatbed.

The good:
* Driven/cared for lovingly for decades!
* Original B21 engine, my dad turns it on occasionally. Always ran fine. Bulletproof!
* (Rebuilt) M41 transmission, still shifted fine when driven. Stick shift!
* The entire trunk is full of pulled parts from donor wagons.
* Second complete set of interior - seats, dash, cargo floor, panels, glove box, etc.
* Tons of interior and body parts - mirrors, lights, relays, etc from an '83 auto wagon.
* Second tailgate too.
* Much moore
* Glass is all great.
* Rims are all fine to the best of my knowledge, and chrome hubcaps!
* '70s/140 style chrome roof rack - WAY nicer than the '80s version, IMO.

As mentioned before, this car is ONLY FOR PARTS. But it's a LOT of parts! As this is something my parents may deal with the transfer of if I can't come down to DC, there will be NO pulling of parts - all or none. Visual verification of the engine running etc is of course fine. Just be prepared to have it towed (flatbed) if you want it!

Pic is from last winter. Can send additional pics on request - contact me on here for more info.

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