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1975 242

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After a few years without a volvo, and after selling my 67 Impala last year, I decided it was time to get back into the driver seat of a 240. First post here, with no time lurking.

I bought a 1975 242 yesterday, with a B20, and am looking for info. It is fuel injected, though I don't know much about the particulars of the engines and the differences between injection systems, years, etc. I have a couple of dog-eared Chilton's manuals, but not much else. Any pointers to B20 faqs, rebuilding guides, tips & tricks would be greatly appreciated.

For the short term, I'd like to get the motor running smoothly for daily driving. Next step is cleaning up the interior, getting the few accessories working/replaced, etc. Long range plans are still somewhat foggy, but I'm pretty sure that a turbo charger will be involved.

Hope to find some great info & discussions here, and get up to speed to the point where I can contribute as well.
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Re: 1975 242 (roger456)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Roger.

Your B20 240 Volvo is a classic indeed - and rare.

Swedespeed is the place for mods and repairs. The last B20 with turbo I saw was in Sacramento in 2002 in a Volvo 1800.

Many folks are going with the supercharger application as it works great on the B20 using lowered compression.

George Dill
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