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The time has come for me to sell my 1974 Volvo 142. A car I heavily invested in and much enjoyed restoring. I simply have too many cars and I am not using it and I think cars like these should be driven much more than I have the time to.

If you have seen some of my restoration write up you'll know that I have spared nothing to bring this 142 to this level of restoration. It was an original "dark yellow" with a brown interior which I switched for the California edition interior with OEM upholstery bought from NOS in Sweden and properly fitted by Sue from Fast & Loud's ASM Upholstery in Dallas. The engine was rebuilt, the body was fully repainted in its original color using high end acrylic paint as when original. The car was converted from a horrible B&W automatic transmission to a M41 four speed transmission with overdrive. 1974 142 pedals, overdrive lever and more were also installed so it isn't a shoddy conversion. The rear end was also changed for one mated to the M41. It also had new muffler and exhaust installed as well as many IPD goodies in the suspension. It has an IPD designed front spoiler that looks really nice, a cool new stereo with new speakers, a power telescoping antenna, nice Volvo Turbo 240 wheels. Tires where bought new as was a webber carburetor kit from IPD.


The car is really nice, powers through nicely, over drive works well when the car is not battling an incline. Although the car was supposedly mated to a correct rear axle, I suspect that it was not so I have bought a brand new correct ratio pinion and crownwheel for an M41 with overdrive which have not been installed but are included in the sale.

I lent the car for a film in Austin and other parts of Texas. As the film is in "the can" I was asked not to give any details whatsoever of who and what. I wasn't at the filming and I was only paid a minimum fee for it. I don't even know if the car is in the final edit and I am not selling it as a movie car. However, the reason I am mentioning this is because the crew placed cameras in parts of the car and at some point the camera or lighting setup did hurt the paint a bit in the rear fenders and in the driver's side door. It was all repainted but the paint tone did not end up 100% correct in my opinion. It doesn't look bad and a lot people tell me they can't tell the difference but I think I can and it's fair to warn about it.

Below more specs:

Mileage: Approx 67K Miles though the speedometer and odometer were changed.
Color: Dark Yellow (light orange IMHO) and California Edition upholstery (it's the best they ever made for this car).
Location: Houston, Texas metro area.

Victor Hernandez
Shoot me a message here or to my email [email protected]
The car is in my home in the Houston, TX metro area.

Price: I am asking 12K but I am open to all offers.
Make/Model: Volvo 142
Year: 1974
Transmission: M41 with working o/d
Condition: Restored

Options/Packages: It has an IPD upgraded suspension, new (few miles, less than 200 miles) shocks, tires.

VIN: 1426363

Modifications: Front IPD spoiler, Volvo 240 Turbo wheels, modified from a BW35 automatic transmission to a M41 manual transmission with overdrive with OEM parts (correct year manual pedals, o/d lever, etc.) New sport springs.
Accident history: other than the filming mishaps above, none that I can tell of.
Maintenance and service history: I have the manuals but no service records, however the engine was rebuilt and the transmission's fluids changed.

Car does have the OEM air conditioner. It did work a year ago when I turned it on, it did not this time around. I don't know why but all of the a/c equipment is there.

Attached pictures are of when the car was in the final resto stages, when the car was finished without the spoiler and the turbo wheels, and how the car ended up after the addition of the front spoiler, turbo wheels, etc.

I will upload more pictures later in the weekend when I take the car out.

Update: I also changed the steering wheel and added a GL steering wheel for this model as well as it has a new hitch setup with wiring, cool for a bike carrier or even a light load haul.

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