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1973 Volvo 1800 SE. VIN is 1836363006441. Volvo color is #115-1 (Sea foam-blue). The interior is tan leather. Transmission is automatic. Condition of interior and exterior is pristine. No rust. The odometer is broken and reads 803 miles. We cannot guarantee the exact mileage but believe it to be considerably less than 20,000 miles. The car was purchased new, by my niece who died in 1988, and as she had three cars the Volvo was rarely driven. Since her since her death it has remained in her home's garage. In December it was removed to nearby to Swedish Motors Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, which company serviced it since new. The car remains at that location.

Part of a multi million dollar family estate, court proceedings delayed disposition of any asset until last December, and for the past four months further delays were occasioned by the frustrating procedure of obtaining a replacement title. Title having finally having been obtained the car is now properly registered and has been duly issued an "Antique" license tag.

Swedish Motors Inc. has just completed its refurbishing of all aspects that it deemed necessary for reliability and safety. Its initial repair estimate of nearly $2,000.00 is attached; another $500.00 has since been expended. The car has been thoroughly road tested. We are assured it is serviceable for the proposed drive back to Boston. Either Dave, the owner of Swedish Motors Inc. or Jim who was the mechanic in charge of the job, is prepared to discuss the work undertaken, and opine as to discretionary repair work remaining, such as repairing the odometer, which while not required for ever-day commuting would be warranted for a show car.

Attached are the only two photos available. One is of the interior, the other of the engine. Both were taken in December prior to work having commenced.

The car has been donated to the Stewardship Foundation, Inc., a public youth charity located in Boston, Massachusetts. Our tax counsel has advised that the entire purchase price may be deducted as a charitable contribution.

Stewardship Foundation Inc.
Dick Enright (772) 283-2489.
[email protected]
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