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We have a car that's single owner and has been maintained very well over the years where it was a daily driver and then garage kept for 20+ years afterwards. It had a complete engine & transmission rebuild at around 144K miles (currently ~204K miles I think). The engine was bored out to 2.2L I think and it has an aftermarket higher flow carb among some other things. The engine is a B20D I believe. It runs very well and is very smooth. The transmission and clutch are in great shape and I believe it has been rebuilt since the engine, I'll have to check the records to be certain.

There are also a ton of parts we've collected over the years, from exhaust manifolds, headers, alternators, flywheels, pumps, etc - mostly stripped from other cars that were being scraped but it's a considerable amount of parts.

I'm not sure I'll find a buyer in my local area (1.25 hours from Philly or Baltimore and ~ 25 mins from Harrisburg PA) and I thought I'd post here to see if there is any interest or if anyone has any suggestions on getting rid of it. The owner wants to make room and get rid of it, so I'm posting here to see if there is any interest. I can't upload pictures to this site or I would, so IdK how to share them... I'll check the gallery to see if that works.

Here's a list of what's been done to the car and all the extra parts that I have.


-204,000 MILES - original owner - largely high way miles (from 1971 - 1992 - then driven on weekend trips)

New Exhaust - 2 mufflers w/ connection pipe ~192K miles

4 Nokia NR09 snow tires - NEW - mounted on wheels

2 Dunlop SP20 tires 165-15 mounted on wheels

2 Dunlop SP4N tires 165-15 mounted on wheels

Volvo steel wheels, sandblasted. POR-15 (an impervious epoxy/enamal coating - EXTREMELY DURABLE), painted silver

Rear Trailing Arms rebuilt, all new bushings

Front Cross member rebuilt, all new bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints, bushings, engine mounts

Rebuilt Electric O/D M41 Transmission, like new - 4 new brags synchronizing cones

New speedometer cable

New Die—Hard Battery, 72 Month (probably needs replacing by now)

2 New Windshield Wiper Arms. complete

3 New Heater hoses, radiator hoses, clutch arm boot

EPD Weber Downdraft Carburetor with Jet Kit

2 New KYB Gag—Adjust Shocks, rear

2 New KYB Cas-Adjust Shocks, front

Complete Valve Job, rebuild head

crane PS40 High Voltage Ignition Coil

Crane XR70C Electronic Breaker Less Ignition

New Fuel Pump, Timing Gears, Locking Gas Cap

IPD Rear Overload Coil Springs, new

Re—web front seat belts

2 New Trunk gas shocks and Trunk Casket

New Drive Shaft U-Joints

Front Plastic Tray Style Floor Mats

Complete Brake System Rebuild, all new steel lines

new front calipers, six brake hoses

IPD Heavy Duty Sway Bar, front and rear

Hew Tinted Front Windshield

Denon DCR-5470 AM/FM/Casgette stereo Receiver.

with C—D input jack. IC Watt x 2 @ 20—20K Hz

2— 4" Eclipse Coaxial Front Speakers

2- 5. 25" Eclipse Coaxial Rear Speakers

New Master Brake Cylinder, 178K miles

4 New Brake Rotors, 174,000

New Water Pump, 144,000 miles

IPD Big Bore engine overhaul, 2200cc, 144,0OO miles

Front & Rear Volvo 240 Floor mats, good fit

2 Lambs Wool Front Seat Covers

180 degree Rear view Mirror

Extra Cylinder Head Gasket, 2200cc

Extra Cylinder Head

Extra B20E Engine, rebuilt

4 Extra M40 Manual Transmissions, 2 like new

4 Extra Instrument Panels, extra dashboard

Original SU Carburetors with two spares & I/E Manifold

Extra body parts, doors, bumpers, grill, etc

Extra drive shafts and components

Original 1971 Volvo 140 series Repair Manual

Weber Carburetor Manual 1, Haynes

SU carburetor Manual, Haynes

Garaged Last mid 80's to ~2016

Interior — Excellent Condition

Rear Window Defroster DOES NOT work, minor leak - can probably be fixed with new repair product!

VOLVO Parts Micro-Fiche, 140 Series

Limited Slip Differential, not installed

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Are you selling the parts individually? I would be interested in the extra dashboard if it's in good shape.
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