I purchased the car from Volvo aficionado Nick Tarleton in 2018. It had been a Nebraska car its entire life as far as I could ascertain. It has the original dealer warranty card, the name in the original owner’s manual, and the window sticker for parking at the University of Nebraska- Omaha all seem to confirm this. The original documents seem to confirm that the car has approximately 70k miles on it.

When I purchased the car, it had been sitting for quite some time. The interior was pretty chewed up and sunburnt, the front floors were rotted out, the rocker panels on both sides and front and rear arches by the wheel wells were rusted pretty badly. I proceeded to gut the interior from the car, cut out all the rust and did a total restoration of everything short of final paint. Things completed/restored/replaced:

· Major bodywork/rust repair
o Both inner and outer rocker panels
o Front floors and outriggers on both sides
o Completely new driver’s side rear fender to repair old accident damage above wheel
o Reflector lights removed and holes welded up
o Seized front hood hinge removed, soaked in oil, and re-welded on
o No filler used in anticipation of the car being painted. Repairs were spray-painted a matching gray in the interim
o Rear license light housing replaced with new part

· Mechanical
o Transmission
§ Rebuilt winter 2019 to replace broken 4th gear synchro ring
§ New input and output bearings
§ New 4th gear lock-out and reverse switches
§ New clutch master and slave cylinders, T/O bearing, HD transmission mount

o Engine
§ Complete tune-up after purchase
§ Original SU carbs professionally rebuilt, winter 2019
§ Heater system completely rebuilt with new seals, control valve, etc

o Brakes
§ Inoperable brake booster removed (will be included) and brake plumbing reconfigured
§ New brake pads and rotors
§ Rear drum hardware replaced, including wheel cylinders
§ Emergency brake system 100% restored, new cables, bushings, etc

o Suspension
§ All new poly bushings front and rear
§ Bilstein shocks in the rear, new KYB shocks in front
§ Steering box cleaned, adjusted, and filled with John Deere corn head grease
§ Steering idler gear upgraded to brass bushing with grease zerk
§ IPD sway bar kit added to front and rear for improved handling (this did A LOT to improve cornering!)
§ New tires 2019, don’t recall the brand, but not greatest quality, probably worth replacing, totally functional though
§ Rims sandblasted and powdercoated original-ish color gray/silver

o Interior
§ Total strip and redo
§ New VP Auto-sourced
· Carpets, seat covers, door panels, dash pads
§ All other interior parts either replaced or restored
· New seat strapping
· Original seat belts re-webbed professionally to retain original tags
· Extensive sound-deadening
· Headliner replaced, custom-sewn sun visors
· New rubber seals on quarter windows
· Dash completely stripped and restored: temp gauge sent to be restored to original functionality; all others work besides clock
· Panels and carpet in trunk replaced with new

o Electrical
§ Upgraded to Sw-Em remote start switch after breaking ignition key
§ All other systems work as intended, new LED bulbs all the way around with corresponding flasher relay

After the initial strip and rust repair, I have been driving the car regularly during the summers and it’s been quite reliable and trouble free. It’s not a perfect car and definitely not something that’s going to win shows, but it’s solid, free of any major rust issues, and mechanically sound. The interior is quite nice and gets a lot of positive comments. If I were to keep it, I would probably:
· Replace the vent window rubber as it’s fairly dried out
· Give the carbs a good going over; I think I’ve got a rogue vacuum leak on the front one that causes the idle to be ever so slightly too high when it’s warm
· I wired in an LED brake light bar but can’t get it to stick to the inside of the rear window. I was thinking about fabricating some brackets to stick it there more permanently.
· New paint job
o Which would obviously include replacing
§ The body trim which is dinged in many places
§ Bumpers which are less than bright
§ Windshield and rear window rubber which have both shrunk causing the windshield to leak a tiny amount in serious rain
§ The windshield itself which has witness marks from someone using the wipers without rubber in them (who does that?!)

Ben Ernst
[email protected]
(517) 672-0008