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SOLD - 2/1/2016 one day after posting! - SOLD
SOLD - Thanks all for your interest and to the moderators of the forum for finding a good home for it! - SOLD

1967 Volvo 123GT For Sale
San Francisco, CA

Up for sale is a 123GT that I’ve had for 10 years with the intention of doing a full restoration, but due to time / space constraints I’ve realized it isn’t going to happen soon so am putting it up for sale.

All photos located at:


Basic details:

Make: Volvo
Model: 123GT (133351M series)
Year: 1967
Mileage: 39412 on odometer (miles) - unverified / untrusted, I’m sure the odometer has either been replaced or gone over 99999 at least once.
Color: Green (and white and blue and cream)
Motor: B20B (not the original B18B)
Transmission: M41 4 speed w/ overdrive
Differential: (Regular, not limited slip - it seems many of the Swedish built GTs did not get one, just the Canadian built GTs)
Condition: Running
Misc additional information: Clear California Title in my name
Location: San Francisco, CA

I purchased this car locally in 2006 but don’t know anything about its history before hand - the replacement panels / doors and B20 motor were all present at the time that I bought the car.

Rusty floor panels (worst in front of car), will need to be cut out / replacements fitted e.g from CVI. The rest of the car is relatively free of major rust and straight including the trunk and tire well (pictured).

Sale also includes parts/tools that are specific to the car as follows:

New replacement 123 GT dash (not cover)
GT Horn button (not cracked)
4 hubcaps
Wheel puller for rear wheels
Misc spare interior and engine parts
Original seatbelts

To the best of my knowledge this is a true Swedish built 123GT from the badging and mostly complete GT parts on the car.

123GT specific items on the car:
Steering wheel
Fog light switches
Additional wiring harness and relays
Recaro reclining seats (recovered in black in past)
Hood and trunk lights
Dual horns

123GT specific items included in sale but not installed on car:
Brake booster (needs reconditioning)
Horn button (GT)

123GT specific items not present:
Side badges and fender mirrors (due to replaced panels)
Front fog lights and attachments (but wiring in place)
Fender mirrors

The car runs and drives relatively well and the overdrive works smoothly. Items I’ve replaced during ownership are:

Rear brake shoes, actuators, hardware
Clutch master and slave cylinders
Speedometer cable
Rebuilt dual carbs (jets/needles)
Water and fuel pumps
Overdrive switch
All hoses
Stainless steel braided brake cables
Recoiling front seatbelts

Any questions please let me know. $2000 firm.

Cell phone 408-203-5759 (pacific time San Francisco, CA)

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The number plate for sure designates it as a 67 GT with M41 from the factory. Rough, but definitely repairable and worth quite a bit more than the average 122 once completed.

Good luck with the sale.

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I thought you had it priced well. Might have been able to get more but you probably would have sat on it a while to get it. Congrats on the sale and I hope we see the car again.
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