I've owned this car for a few years, and it's now time to let it go. Car 6501, an early Swedish production car built with Jensen parts as was the case for most of the first 10,000 cars.

Titled as a 1964, but production numbers with the 1800 registry show it as being a 1963 production year. Clear AZ title in my name.

B18 mated to an M41 with D-type overdrive. I believe the transmission is original to the car (can't confirm, unfortunately) but I know the engine isn't original to the car. I bought the 1800 with a damaged B20 in it.

Short story is: everything has been redone on it. I worked on this car after doing a few other P1800/1800S for customers (as well as a red one listed here a few years ago). We use rotisseries to access all areas of the car, we replace all damaged metal, and everything that we re-install on the car is gone through.

The car came to me as a black car, I had it stripped and painted in a Toyota Blue (Calvary Blue, a 2017+ Tacoma color). Listed it on BaT, it didn't sell. Drove it for a bit more and eventually decided to take it apart and re-shoot it in white. So if anyone asks whether I'm selling it to make a buck: no, you don't make a penny when you've done the same car twice in a row. I wanted the car to be a solid car, in the right color scheme and it's exactly what it is now.

My restoration shop is growing and I'm selling it to help pay for a larger building. This isn't my ideal way of freeing up funds but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm happy to take more pictures and videos, to get it back on a lift at my shop, or to have it inspected, etc... based on what anyone wants to see.