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Up for sale is my 1962 Volvo PV544 Sport with the inline 4 cylinder B18 engine. The car was restored mid 90's by my father, and as the photos show there are plenty of spare parts. The car was given to me in roughly 06, and has been driven about once a month from 2003 or so (It sat untouched from ~96 - roughly 2002). All the work that my father had done, as well as some previous work is all documented. I also have many hard to find part catalogs and business cards of many business who have volvo parts. The car has 93,409 miles on it, and starts within a few minutes from a cold start, once warm it runs great, its easy to see how these engines can go past the 1 million mile mark. To my knowledge the cars electrical is all stock 1962 and will most likely need a once over as the blinkers and wipers decide when they want to work. The body is in great shape with some minor scrapes/chips as its a 10 year old paint job. With a bit more work it could be taken to show room quality quite easily. Interior is red/black, cars color is gloss black. Title is clean, and have tons of documentation on the restoration of the car. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!!, I am asking $12,000 or best offer. So feel free to make offers, but i will not respond to low ball offers. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) to get my phone number if you want to take a look at it.
The extra parts include:
Cloth Car Cover fitted for the car
Stock Volvo Made front and back window
Rear quarter window rubber seal
2 Door Lock Mechanism
2 A/C vents
What looks to be an A/C motor
2 Hood Hinges
3 Windshield Whipers
2 Mirrors and Mounts
Lots of the Chrome trim
Ground Battery wire
Battery Harness
Head Light Shroud
Muffler Tip
Gas Cap
Chrome Volvo Logo
Some rubber Grommets made by Volvo
Set of extra spark plugs for the B18
Extra Tubing
Dome Light Assembly
Rear Blinker Assembly, with Extra Blinker Blub
A few items that look like carburetor parts

High Res Pictures-

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