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Rare and very restorable 1958 Volvo PV444. 55k on odometer. Last ran and moved under own power in 2016. Engine cranks. Will need to be transported. I have all the trim, seat frames, and extra parts. Additionally, I have another engine, parts transmission, and suspension parts from a donor 544. Sad to see go but in the right hands this will be an awesome car again. This car has spent the last 30 years in Michigan. What I know is that it came from Belding, MI in the mid-nineties. It was purchased and moved to Rockwood, MI for the next 20ish years. Then, it was sold locally twice more to me where it has been since 2016. The car is unique in that at some point a B18 engine and M40 transmission were swapped into it. My understanding is that it really hasn't been on the road since the early 90s.

PM for more info. More photos on request. I am happy to answer questions. I also have photos of most of the parts I am including. $4500 OBO for the entire package. Car is located in Ypsilanti, MI.

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