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18" anthracite Pegs w/tires

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These have been sold!

Modified by brokencrank at 2:23 PM 5-3-2009

Modified by brokencrank at 2:24 PM 5-3-2009
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emailed you! Dibs!
Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

I'll take them if he changes his mind!
Re: (adrialk)

If it wasn't a 6 hour drive both way, I would pick them up TOMORROW. You should not have any issues selling this set.
Put me on the DIBS list.
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if you're interested in shipping put me on the dibs list
I'm interested, and I'm in smithfield, RI! I need like a week to get the cash though.
any update on these? i have cash in hand if you're willing to ship
Re: 18" anthracite Pegs w/tires (brokencrank)

Still available? I'm in CT and am interested. Can come pick them up.
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