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19t turbo housing upgrade

Hi everyone! I have been on MVS for a while, and it just isn't my kind of crowd. I am more into modifications and fun stuff. I did "The Ammo Can" V70 build for the Gambler 500, and now im starting a V70xc build.

Do any of you have experience swapping the intake housings and intake wheels only on the TD04 turbos? I have the stock 13G, and id like to upgrade to a 19t. There are 2 companions that I know of selling the kits. This is nice, because the 19t turbos are getting more difficult to find. here is a link to one of them. Any input would be appreciated! The one below is from ARD, but I remember seeing one on eBay aslo.

http://www.ardideas.com/TD04HL-19T-Conversion-Kit-_p_2223.html 20190327_120932-2016x1134.jpg

I have a tune coming from Hilton soon, can't wait!
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