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These are fabricated relay panels, similar to what you might find on a 123GT. But these are aluminum, not metal which will rust, like the originals did. However, your Amazon must have an alternator conversion (having an internal voltage regulator). I designed and had these fabricatred for myself. I have a few of these panels left over. For my own car, I 1000/2000 grit wetsanded and polished the panel in the photo. Given that they are aluminum and stainless, wet sanding and a shop sink washing is convenient and efficient. Rust (water) is not an issue.

This set up uses a standard 122s firewall fuse box and standard period Hella relays, all those components are still available new from the usual part sources- VP, IPD, etc. But you may already have some of the components in a spare parts box. It's a nice tight, perfect fit. I fit those noted components (relays) on my own panel via stainless PEM nut holes, with stainless machine screws (fasteners you get at your hardware store). I bought stainless fasteners and used a conductive paste on my threads (-a ground if really needed?)- But this is the same metals that came from the factory- aluminum relays, fastened with steel, to steel. It is also an independent circuit, powered directly from the new, more powerful than the stock generator, alternator- It's power from a short distance away. No factory harness wires are to be cut. It's pretty straight forward, logical. I used "flag" connectors (as shown) for extra clearance at the well.

The 3rd photo here is of one of the panels I am selling- 3 are presently sold (via IPD classifieds). The other panels that I have may not be not sanded- to be noted further, later (photos). -Inquire. As of today, I think I have 2 or 3 of these left.

I am selling these for $57., and that includes shipping within the lower 48 states. That is the price if you send a personal check (one that clears first), or a money order. If you prefer Paypal, the price is $67 . Local pick up is maybe an option (east coast-Boston area). I prefer not to use eBay for this, though I am registered there with a 100% rating and over 450 transactions. We can exchange numbers if you want to call me.


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