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122s Head Casting info

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Hi guys - actually had an hour to start getting a base line on the new 122s Coupe.

I pulled the Weber and the Weber specific intake manifold to trade it out for an SU set up, and noticed that the cylinder head had a couple stamps on that I was hoping you decipher for me.

Specifically it has E13 stamped on it and a large H. right below that. Any ideas?


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Re: 122s Head Casting info (tdskip)

Time to do some steam cleaning or pressure washing!!
Also time for a new valve cover gasked and straighten the flange on the valve cover so it will seal.
If you can give the 6-digit motor type number I can tell you a bit about it. The number starts with 4969 and the remaining numbers are stamped on the boss just after the 4969....
You can tell a lot about the head by looking at the surface immediately above where the manifolds bolt up. No dips along the edge = the latest heads. Fuel injector ports of course indicate (of course) that it is a FI head, bigger valves, etc.
It is possible that this engine doesn't have the B20 head on it. I've heard that only B18 heads have "VOLVO" cast into them. Another way to tell is to check the valve stems (inside the valve cover). The B18 has 11/32" valvestems and "seals" that are on TOP of the valve spring retainer while the B20 engine has 5/16" valve stems and the REAL valvestem seals fit over the end of the valve guide inside the valve spring.
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