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Re: 122 Power Steering? (66hagar)

The drive pulley on the 140/160 ps system would need to be aligned with a triple pulley on the crank if you are running an alternator plus plan for AC. Much work and some chassis cutting may be in order. Locating a rebuildable ps system may also be a challenge. I don't see how the existing 122 steering column (is your's one-piece?) would integrate with the new ps unit as the input to the existing steering box is located by the angle and length of the 122 column. Worth a try.

When I ran fat tires on my '67 122 wagon (B20 hotrod) the solution to armstrong steering at low/no speeds was to run 40+psi in the fronts and set the alignment geometry to minimize steering effort. This works great around town but track-time wore the front tires all weird.

George Dill
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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