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Re: $12,000+ in mods and counting... ("R" Kelly)

"R" Kelly - good for you man, you got'a have fun in life (sorry for the corny cliche).

Quote, originally posted by "R" Kelly »

I was about to install a FMIC, then I updated this... gotta decide, how much would $1200 (parts/install cost) be worth in 18 years when our son who is scheduled to arrive this week needs to go to college... is that cost worth keeping the power I've grown addicted to in Florida?
And here I told myself, I'll buy the R. It has 300 hp. It has a sport suspension. It is fully loaded. No reason to ever modify it, its perfect already. And then I met all of you...

Hey, my financial planner is always reminding me about how much $1000 invested today will be worth in the kids college fund in 15 years from now... and then he drive off in his sweet 540 beemer with a good number of $$ spent on mods.

You know how hot Florida summers are? I think you WILL get the FMIC!

Funny, about thinking the stock R is good enough my dear's first comment regarding mods was "Have you driven an R, do you really need to make it faster?" What a silly question

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