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I'm approaching 115k and I have yet to finish my stage 0 or do any sort of 100k maintenance, etc. So this has me wondering, what should I look at replacing, updating, servicing? At this point, the only "broken" pieces on the car (as far as I can tell) are my shocks/struts as they are slowly going out. Aside from that, what all is due for replacement?

I know there are the general maintenance items I've read about being suggested around 100k, but I also drive my car hard fairly often. With that in mind, are there any additional items I should replace before they fail?

This is what (maintenance-wise) I've already replaced within the past couple months:

-Spark plugs
-Air filter
-Coolant reservoir
-Timing belt
-Rear sway bar endlinks

I figure now I need to replace at least the following items:

-Ignition coils
-Cabin air filter
-Coolant lines
-Transmission fluid change
-Brake lines/ fluid change
-Front endlinks?
What else am I missing? Are there any parts that are notorious for failing around 100k?

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