I am making feeble attempts to clean out my garage, and that means I need to thin out my parts shelves too. I’m looking to unload as much of this as possible. I’ve got prices on everything…but I won’t be offended by offers either. I’m in Birmingham, AL…so if you’re nearby and wanna pick anything up, lemme know. I added my allowed 10 pics, but you can view pictures of everything in this Google Drive folder. Let me know if you have any questions or need other pictures of anything.

16” Xenia wheel from an 04 XC70 with Firestone FR710 215/65/16 tire (lots of tread). $45 local pickup only
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Sport seat bottom charcoal color from an '08 S60 T5 $50 plus shipping (also willing to just send skin) - SOLD

Premium audio package speakers (full 12 speaker set) from '08 S60 T5. $100 plus shipping - SOLD

PA300 amp (no harness) $60 plus shipping - SOLD

2 1 set of 305 caliper brackets. Easy bolt on front brake improvement for almost all standard P2s. $35/ea plus shipping
Bicycle part Font Auto part Metal Fashion accessory

Faded set of charcoal OEM all-weather mats for P2 wagons. I'd like to think they could be darkened back up, but never tried. $30 plus shipping - SOLD

Charcoal leather wheel from my '03 V70 T5. Has been in a box in my garage for 9 years. Not perfect, but in excellent condition. Match that mismatched airbag Volvo just gave you! $40 plus shipping Have the perfect matching hand-grenade airbag that came with it too, if you want that.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Corded phone Telephone Steering part

Wood grain P2 wheel with oak leather post-facelift. Leather is worn, and there’s a few hairline cracks in clear at the top. Has nav, but will work for non-nav cars too. $40 plus shipping.

Bi-xenon headlights from '04 XC70. Glass has some pitting, but still would be a great upgrade for any pre-facelift cars with fluted halogens. Would also make a great retrofit project. $200 plus shipping for the pair. - PENDING

Small ballasts from late-model ABL headlights. Headlights got damaged in shipping, so I pulled these. $50/ea plus shipping.
Blue Sleeve Electric blue Font Fashion accessory

Passenger side foglight for '05+ S60. Brand new blue box part with bulb (part # 8693337). $40 plus shipping. - SOLD

Manual shifter with knob from S60 T5M (don’t remember the year) $50 plus shipping
Vehicle Toy Blue Lego Aircraft

Manual dim mirror from S60 (year unknown) $5 plus shipping

RSE headrest screens from XC90 (have an oak and charcoal set). Will fit any P2 seats. Was gonna try to connect them to my in-dash DVD player for the kiddos. Never got around to it. $40 plus shipping per pair

Brushed aluminum cupholder garage door for post-facelift center console. Other than some deterioration on cupholder rubber, in great condition. $25 plus shipping - SOLD

E-brake boot from ’04 R. Plastic piece pretty scuffed up with a few broken tabs, but boot and stitching still in great shape. $5 plus shipping - SOLD

Funky Thule sliding brackets. Turns out they’re canoe brackets. $5 plus shipping — SOLD

FREE THINGS (just pay shipping)

Lower PS tail light from 01–04 V70 or XC70.
Free plus shipping. - PENDING

Overhead console piece. Can’t remember what year. See pics. Free plus shipping.

Charcoal center console lid. Free plus shipping. - SOLD