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I've been following this forum for quite a while, but I can't find too many timeslips posted here.
A lot of fast cars out there but no proof..

Back in 2010 I took my car for a 1/8 mile street legal race in Bergen, Norway.

My best time was 8,638 sec @ 129,73 kmt.

Best 60ft time was 1,919 sec.

My reaction times were lousy, but the car would roll backwards at the starting line, so I had to keep it still before launching it and besides very loud american "muscle cars" it was hard to hear the revs, keeping the car still and follow the light.. :)
(That's my bad excuse.. :) )
So my rev limiter acted as launch control at the end giving me 1,919 sec @ 60ft.
Raced on 20" Ocean Deep Briliant rims with 235/30-20 tires with 1,2 bar airpressure.

The car:

-04 MY MT

Race day engine mods:
BSR tune.
K&N luftfilter.
3,5" downpipe from Elevate.
Unorthodox aluminium crank pulley.
Bell intercooler kit.
Aquamist HFS-3 water injection, running windshield washer fluid with methanol.
iPD CAI (cold air intake).
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