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Hi everyone, few month ago I sold my truck and bought this s40. Now I need to have truck again so I'm letting it go.

Black 2009 Volvo S40 T5 with 107k miles, automatic tranny.
I bought it from an auction with front end damage(condition after accident is shown on last pic), nothing big, just bumper cover, I put it back and passed inspection. Car came with coilovers(cheap ebay-ones $800 new)
Since then I replaced lower control arm, replaced engine oil pan, switched to AMSOIL, replaced air filter, and got IPD skid plate.
Few things are need to be worked on: cabin filter needs to be replaced, rear brake pads started to squeal when rotors are cold so I would replace them, engine mounts might need to be replaced and in order to look great - front end needs realignment to make gaps between hood and fenders same.
Overall its a great car that have lots of life left. I would work on it if I wouldn't be in need of truck.
$3700 OBO

Car is located in Philadelphia, and I daily drive it.
Feel free to PM me if you're interested
Thank you

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