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Hey guys, I've got these parts left over from rebuilding my V70. They're all in great shape, I just found slightly better ones to satisfy my OCD. I offered them to a neighbor with a V70, but he never came by so this is the next best place. If you all can cover the shipping or come pick them up they're yours for stupid cheap. If any of my prices are high, tell me.

I'm located in Camarillo, CA 93010, north of LA and south of Santa Barbara. I'm happy to drive and drop some stuff off or meet a fellow Volvo nut somewhere. I will be traveling to Colorado Springs, CO from 4/18-4/21 to see my brother and I could probably be convinced to shove some stuff in the back of the road-trip-mobile.

Pm me and I'll get you an email & number asap. All payments for shipped items will be handled through PayPal invoices so we both have a proper receipt.

What I've got (All parts from an '07 V70):
  • Charcoal Powered Driver Seat $50 OBO
  • Charcoal Manual Passenger Seat $50 OBO
  • Charcoal 4 Spoke Steering Wheel $75 OBO
  • Charcoal 4 Spoke Airbag $50 OBO
  • Headlight Set $200 OBO
  • Odds & Ends to come

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