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After 9 months of driving without being able to lock or unlock my car with my remote, it's finally time for my factory scheduled 7500mi service. I thought this would be a good time to try again what I could not do in December:

1. get my key remote fixed
2. get the 1-stage unlock programming
3. get the visual confirmation upon unlocking
4. get that annoying knocking sound resolved on my front driver side wheel

Regarding #1- already got a new battery in december- key worked for a total of 3 hours after it was replaced. My wife's key has worked just fine all this time.

2- dealer claimed it could not download the Euro VADIS programs, although I think they tried to download the wrong ones. can anyone confirm if 8645452 is the right one? Is there a US number that might work?

3. same lame excuse as in #2. Is 8645450 the right one for the visual unlock?

4. I have no idea what this could be.

If there is anybody out there that can shed some light on any of these issues, please do so.
Thanks in advance!

06 S60R via OSD

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Re: 06 S60R- 7500mi service this week (not2blu)

here is a link with some of the things you want changed.


part of whats on that page:


S80 9499 636-0
S60, S60 R 8645 452-7
V70 00-, V70 R, XC70 01- 9452 949-2

Allows you to change the unlocking function of your car.

One-stage unlocking means that all doors and the tailgate/boot lid are unlocked by a press the UNLOCK button on the remote control once. 2 stage unlocking means that the first press on the remote control UNLOCK button will unlock the driver's door only. A second press is required to unlock the remaining doors.

To date cars built for the US and Canada have been supplied with 2 stage unlocking. Cars built for other countries are supplied with one-stage unlocking.

hope this helps.
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