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Always planned on rebuilding this passion red S60R but after evaluating my priorities i'm pulling the trigger on a part out. Big ticket items will have their own threads and will be linked to from here.

Car is located in New York zip code 12533, local pickup gets priority but i am open to shipping at buyers expense.

All parts are OEM and have 135k miles on them unless otherwise noted. Please look through the entire first post before posting/reaching out to contact.

"TBA" Items: Sport sideskirts i'm trying to talk myself out of keeping for a V70R retrofit for the time being, center console needs a respray before i can list it.

CLICK HERE for a crosspost of random P2R S60R V70R parts also available


Sport Sideskirts - $600

Driver Fender - $150

Doors w/o speakers (front passenger not available) - $250/ea

Driver Side Mirror - $100

Passenger Side Mirror - $100

Driver Side Headlight - $400


K24 Turbo - $400

Intake Manifold - $125

Injectors (green) - $150

Fuel Rail - $100

AC Compressor - $250

Intercooler/Radiator/Condensor package - $200

Alternator - $100

K&N Air Filter for OEM airbox - $40


M66 6 speed MT - $1000

Shifter cabling, base assembly, spaceball, knob, complete kit for a swap - $600

Angle Gear - $400

Driver Side Axle - $200


DEM Module - $250

SUM Module - $200

Steering Control Module - $150

Center Dash Speaker Unit - $100

Passenger Front Speaker Unit - $100


Front calipers w/ brake lines and caliper brackets (pair) - $350

Rear calipers w/ brake lines (pair) - $300

Rear Suspension (complete shock/spring assembly) - $180/ea

Front strut tower brace - $100

Front Left Accelerometer - $80


Center Console (w/o armrest cover) - TBA

Gobi Armrest Cover- $50

Rear Gobi Interior (rear seats, rear door panels) - $300

Gobi Carpet (full) - $100

Instrument Cluster (135k miles) - $120

Front hazard vents with 4C controls - $40

Steering Wheel w/ airbag and controls - $120

HU-850 and CCM (complete unit with brushed aluminum trim) - $300

E-brake handle cover - $40

Dashboard - $150


Rear Bumper Plastic Brackets (pair) - SOLD

Rear Trunklid complete with OEM wing - SOLD

Passenger Fender - SOLD

Foglights w/ brackets (pair) - SOLD

Driver Side Bumper Grille (non-vented) - SOLD

Exhaust Manifold - SOLD

Trunk Lining/Plastics - SOLD

Front Passenger Door - SOLD

Passenger Side Headlight - SOLD

Driveshaft - SOLD

Hood - SOLD

Downpipe - SOLD

Block - SOLD

Head -SOLD

Front Bumper - SOLD

Rear Bumper - SOLD

Front Grille (painted black) - SOLD

18" Anthracite Pegs - SOLD


Intake Box - SOLD

Pump Electronic Module (PEM) - SOLD

Passenger Rear Speaker Unit - SOLD

Driver Front Speaker Unit - SOLD

Driver Rear Speaker Unit - SOLD

Fender Sidemarker Lights w/ wiring - SOLD

Passenger Side Bumper Grille - SOLD

Clock Spring - SOLD

Front Right Accelerometer - SOLD

Upper Intercooler Piping (metal) - SOLD

Front Suspension (complete shock/spring assembly) - SOLD

Jewel Taillights (pair) - SOLD

Timing belt kit - SOLD

Complete PCV kit (OEM less than 2k miles) - SOLD

Passenger Front Axle - SOLD

Manual Shifter / Spaceball Aluminum Trim Plate - SOLD

"R" Engine / Fuel Rail Covers - SOLD

Boost Pressure Sensor - SOLD



Carbon Fiber Works FRP 52mm Door Mounted Gauge Pod - SOLD

Rear Muffler Exhaust Section (cut after center resonator) - SOLD

Will be updating and adding photos below, if there's anything you want to see in detail please let me know.

PM or feel free to call/text me directly @ 845.475.8969 :thumbup:


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Don't part this out man. There are plenty of people just looking for this with engines to put in!

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All PM's replied. Decision to the part the car was not an emotional one, just have too many projects at once and I'm being realistic with my expectations. My V70R blew a slave cylinder and it's a priority for me to get to it so I can enjoy the super sports and kw's before the temperatures really drop.

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Is that gray VR yours? I'm looking to either replace my headlamp wipers, or better still, get a cover for each wiper like on that gray VR. Who sells those?

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Really interested in your front suspension. what condition were they in? I know it would probably be super expensive but would you ship to canada? wish i had time to drive down, would take the front bumper :(

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Where in NY are you located? I may be interested in a few things. Hood, front grill, headlights and maybe pass side front shock.

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Side markers?

From my electronic gismo- Galaxy S6
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