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I recently moved from Canada to Europe and i'm trying to register my Volvo in Germany ; i went to do the technical inspection and there is a complain that the headlight is not projecting a strait light with a 45 angled line on the outside when projected on their device to check the "height" of the beam; i've looked on the internet to see if i can get more information about any headlight focus adjustment and i came across youtube over a video that shows how to adjust the headlight.... to my surprise the light projected on the wall was similar to my car , a diffuse wide light somehow focused not the "line " the service guy was looking for; is this something common to this kind of headlight that the S60R is equipped with or do i need to replace the head lights with an European version?
I'm attaching a drawing i made to explain what supposed to be projected on the light checking device.
I just want to mention that i passed the technical inspection my 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander that i have imported as well, but that car has normal halogen light , not Xenon like the Volvo....
Any advice will be grateful.
Thank you!!

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