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Greetings fellow Volvo owners,

I have a 2005 Volvo S40 T5 AWD @ around 115xxx miles.
-Car would lose coolant on a daily basis, needing a refill in the reservoir. Car temp needle has gone past the middle mark before due to neglect in checking coolant level. Car was stopped and pulled over each time.
-Two coolant caps broke (bottom screw end would dislodge from the cap portion, making it hard to remove)
-One day after a hot day of driving in traffic car started to backfire more than normal (previous owner replaced exhaust with a welded catback, hence the backfiring nature), car instantly loss most of its power. I'm assuming at this point the head gasket blew. Car was then parked and we started to work on it.
-Some parts were ordered (headgasket, head bolts, cam lock tool).

Cylinder Compression Test was done, on a COLD engine, 5-8 cranks with accelerator pedal floored (injectors disconnected). From front of engine (passenger side) to rear (driver side), numbers are as follows:
1- 80
2- 75
3- 62.5
4- 72.5
5- 115

Might be worth noting that the front side of the engine (cyls 1-2-3) are dirtier than the rest around the cam cover, mainly cyl 1 and 2, this was noticed after I removed the top plastic cover. All are dirty (burnt oil deposits and even some plastic wire covers melted on), I'm unsure if this is due to a slow leak from the headgasket.

If you need more info I'll gladly provide it if I can. I've worked on cars before but never a Volvo. My question is, can these numbers be mainly attributed to a failed head gasket/ a slightly warped head?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you in advance
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