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My car started misfiring/hesitating on the freeway yesterday. No other strange behavior after that.

This morning I started it up to leave for work, and the check engine light came on with a "Engine System Maintenance Required" message on the info screen. Drove to work just fine, no problems that I noticed.

Started it up to leave for lunch, shifted into reverse, and as soon as I engaged the clutch it died. Started up and the idle was all over the place between 1000 and 1600 rpm's. Put it in 1st to pull back into my parking space, it died again. Got some help to push back into its stall so it wasn't hanging out into the parking lot. Started it up again and it seemed fine.

Grabbed a generic OBD II scanner and, when I turned the car on, no check engine light or message on the info screen. Pulled two instances of P0607, one confirmed DTC and the second was pending.

This code is a generic code for ECM performance. I checked the voltage on the battery to make sure this was not linked to the problem, read at 12.2V with the headlights on.

I'm getting it towed home after work as I don't want to risk it dying on me on the freeway, however I want to do some test driving this afternoon to see if the check engine light or message returns, or if the car acts up in any way.

Has anyone experienced this before? I'm no mechanic although I can do minor jobs (oil filter housing, controls arms, etc) and I have minimal diagnostic capabilities. I don't have VIDA and I don't know anyone who does. Any suggestions? I really don't want to mess with the dealership (closest one to my house is a 35 minute driver) but if I have to in order to get a better idea of the problem, I suppose I will.

Located in the North Snohomish County region of Washington state if anyone nearby has VIDA!
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