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As some of you may know, my 04 V70R was killed in a front end collision a while back. I bought the car back, and I am going to part it out the best I can.

All prices are OBO, and do not include shipping. Most of the small items will ship USPS flat rate or priority, and we have a online account to get the absolute best prices on shipping (I know it's not much but every little bit helps). I have worked out what is required to ship the larger stuff via Grey Hound bus. It's a pain in the but for both buyer and seller, but may be the only option for shipping larger or super heavy stuff.

Car had 168,xxx on it at the time of crash. 04 V70R 6 speed M/T. My replacement V70R is GT, so all of the bits that are M/T specific I have no use for.

Now some of the parts I am going to hang onto for my NEW 06 VR.

At this point I will not be selling the:

Any of the aftermarket modds on the car (they are going on my new 06)

Most of the stuff on the front of the car was destroyed (front bumper, hood, ect)
Airbags in the wheel and dash deployed

Lots of other good interior parts, and stuff at the back of the car.

IF you need something, post in this thread and I will get back to you, pm me, or you can text me on my phone at (801) 528-2238 for quickest repose.

OEM Volvo M66 shiftier that already has been tapped for a TWM shift knob: Do you want to install a TWM shift knob in your M66 equipped manual trans Volvo, but don't want to tear up your stock parts so you can go back to the OEM space ball shiftier? Well this is the way to do it. $25 OBO

FAE brand (brand new from FCP Euro) Back up light switch (if your reverse lights don't work on you M66 car, this is probably it). This is for a 04 R with the M66 6 speed manual trans. PN 30713679 $15.00 shipped

Fold out OEM Volvo dash cup holder sold, I will keep an eye out at the Junk Yard for more. These seem pretty popular.

The M66 Manual trans case was broken, I'm parting out the internals.

Pics of the car:

All 4 doors $125 each
Gas tank $200
Front window glass $100 each
Rear window glass $100 each
Rear quarter glass $100 each

R Steering wheel (no air bag) $175

4 Gobi R door panels $100 each

L&R rear wagon tail lights $75 Each

Good condition used/working R bottom end (no head) that was working fine before the accident, this car was my Daily Driver. $500 OBO (plus shipping which won't be cheap).

OEM Volvo AOC clutch pack (removed from rear end). $500 OBO

OEM Volvo rear end $400 used.

Items that I no longer have that have already been sold off or used:
5 Green injectors
R rear bumper
OEM Volvo Exhaust system
Font and Rear R Brembo Brake calipers
Peg wheels
R manifold
Plastic Engine Covers
All 5 Coils.
Head Lights
Volvo OEM OTE aluminum pipe
Pair of factory OEM Volvo intercoolers
OEM Volvo slide out cup holder.
OEM Volvo fuel door.

If I have any aftermarket parts/modds I will be selling those off in a separate thread to keep this one clean and from being to confusing for people.

I am open to trades for Volvo stuff, if you have something you want to trade me for (IE you have a Garrett GTX55 turbo you want give me in trade for parts from my parts car pm me) and I will let you know if its something I want.

List of things I'm looking for/willing to trade for: Note these are not parts that I HAVE, they are parts that I want/need and I'm willing to trade for to get you used Volvo parts from the part out:

Upgraded aftermarket intercooler
Snabb intake pipe or box
Aftermarket aluminum intercooler pipes
Any brand water/meth injection setup
OEM volvo timing belt kit
Volvo aftermarket brake pads/rotors
Actual Used OEM Volvo built in booster seats for the 2nd row in Gobi color from an R (I already have one that is just normal tan).
OEM Bosch Wide band 02 sensor (front) new in box only
IPD or other rear adjustable control arms
OEM Volvo or aftermarket timing belt tools (or other OEM tools).
OEM Volvo R spark plugs or an aftermaket set (NGK or Denso)

There are also other things I need, if you have something that you want to work out a trade on PM me and let me know. I'm very open to trades as my car is coming up on 100k and there is a bunch of stuff I need for the 105K service.

No pics for now, I'm going to go take a bunch of pics and upload them as soon as I can, I will edit this post with pictures when I do.

All prices are Or Best Offer, and do not include Shipping.

I'm still working on editing this thread as we speak, so don't be surprised If I add/remove stuff or move it around.

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How did the packing work? I packed the crap out of the diff hopping there would be no problems in shipping. IMHO, the heavy packages get it the worst from the USPS.

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I got my fuel door yesterday and it took me about 5 minutes to unpack it. It could have been drop shipped from space and the door would have survived without a scratch. Thanks for the door it came in good stead.

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Was the door broke on the center console where the cup holders are? Right behind the shifter

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Driver's side windshield visor with Homelink (I'm guessing it's a light gray color?)?
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