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Full disclosure up front: these are off the 04 that I'm parting out - it went off the road hard enough to twist the frame. I originally didn't plan to sell any of the suspension bits, but there seem to be enough tales of woe, that these might temporarily help someone.

These appear to be true and show no signs of leaks. They're complete from top to bottom (seats/mounts/boots/springs/4c wiring tails and plugs - no bolts). Car had 83k kms on it - just over 50k MILES, so these may be on the way out (or may already be done).

Gonna borrow from a PM I got WRT these:

"Mine went out at 63K, and looking at threads here and on other sites that seems to be a common occurence - some earlier, some later. Yours have 50K, so some part of their life is gone. I'm looking at it that the average strut gets about 60K before it starts leaking. That is an admitedly unscientific estimate, and you might have better information, but my personal experience and the research I did makes it a reasonable SWAG. So there is about 16.67% of the life left in your shocks. 16.67% of $1,225 (the approx. new purchase price) = $204."

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with his logic AND these may be done already. If anybody wants them, they are sold as is - $200 plus shipping (I'll throw in the control arms too if you're interested - everything but bolts and with identical history).

Pics on request.
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