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My 2004 C70 (soft top) has suddenly developed a leak in the rain. I say "suddenly" because it did not leak at all previously and now the leak is quite severe. There is a consistent drip just behind the driver's side roof pillar. After a while, there is sufficient water in the car that the carpet in the footwell for the left rear seat is fully saturated / flooded. The fabric of the roof looks like new and there is no apparent deterioration of any of the seams. It seems more like a gasket issue than a material issue.

So, looking at the gasket in that area when the roof is open, The front gasket has what appears to be a channel to direct water out to the side (blue arrow in the following images) but where is it supposed to go when the channel ends? Also, at the top of the roof pillar, near the roof latch, the gasket looks like it has a funnel of some sort for a water collection function. (red arrow in the following images).

Is it possible that this is some sort of "gutter" intended to direct water down the roof pillar and out of the car and it is clogged? If so, how to I clear it? If not, does anyone have a suggestion as to what would be causing the leak.



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