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I have read in many posts that these cars do not respond well to differences in tires front to rear. Wear is one of the things mentioned, but I don't recall reading how much wear difference is too much.

Yesterday, I picked up an '02 V70XC. I am in the process of sorting out the typical issues one encounters when you first acquire a used car.

The car has Michelin Harmony tires on it (215/65-16). The rear tires are from 2007 and have 5/32nds tread depth. The front tires are from 2011 and have 9/32nds tread depth.

To really complicate things, it appears that Michelin no longer offers the Harmony tire in this size. (Just going by what I find on the internet; I haven't checked with my local tire guy...)

Any experiences, thoughts, opinions or advice is appreciated.
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