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01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock

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Wife just brought this to my attention, the tailgate while latching, will not lock. We'll use the fob to lock the doors, no problem, but the tailgate, you can just open. The alarm sounds, but it's unlocked?

We did have a problem with the rear passenger lock solenoid, which I haven't replaced as we don't use that door. Basically, it doesn't work. You can manually lock/unlock the door, but not electronically.

Any ideas on the tailgate? Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (jbt308)

Can you lock the Tailgate with the key?
Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (Bittersweet)

I didn't think there is a "key hole" on the back? At least I didn't see one.
Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (jbt308)

I was thinking of y daughters car 2000 V40

Should have asked if the internal Door Lock (the switch) locks the trunk.

When you say the remote does not lock the Tailgate have you tried locking the car and then in 15 minutes checking to see if the TailGate is locked. I know that the Fuel lid on all three of our Volvos do not immediately lock when the key fob is pressed but will lock after a short period of time.
Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (jbt308)

I am pretty sure the lock solenoid inside the tailgate has failed.
Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (850arrrsaylikepirate)

I'll check the 15 minute thing, but I'm leaning more towards the solenoid being out, as we already have one solenoid that's dead in the rear passenger.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some sort of "safety" feature Volvo engineers had thought of.

I guess I'll take apart the back gate this weekend, see what happens.

Thanks for the replies.
Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (jbt308)

Just an update.

I removed the panel on the tailgate this weekend to check some things. The motor/solenoid, if put into the "locked" position, will unlock if you hit the unlock button.

However, it will not lock when you lock the car. So, the motor itself is working, but my father-in-law thinks it might be something to do with the control module itself. Being an electrical engineer, he asked if I had a wiring diagram, not having one, I came here. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 2001 XC70, or know where I can find one?

Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (jbt308)

Info sent. Please post your results!

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Re: 01 XC70 Tailgate will not lock (Steely)

Thanks again for the schematic, it helped out.

Turns out, after some plug and play round robin, that one of the relays in the rear control board had failed. Volvo Part# 9441161.

I think this might also be why the RR door no longer locks/unlocks electronically.

Went to the dealership today and purchased a replacement relay for approx. $25, to say I guffawed when I looked up the price is an understatement. Most relays run the gamut of $2-5, $25 is quite a bit outrageous, but it's the going price.

Thanks again for all the help
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