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I recently changed the Coolant Temp Sensor on my 01 V70 T5. Prior to changing the sensor the ODB II reader read code P0116 as well the temp gauge was erratic and the car drove poorly. Directly after changing the sensor the car drove nicely. On my 3rd trip in the car after the change the car went into limp mode and was running very rough. ODB II reader now found 7 codes. P0118, P0238,P0103,P0452,P0113,P0236,P0134.

I received a front O2 code months ago and bought a new 02 sensor but haven’t replaced since the car was still driving fine.

Could all these codes be related to the bad o2 sensor?
While replacing the temp sensor coolant splashed around the engine...could I have wetted a connector causing these issues?
I plan to replace the front 02 sensor tonight, if I can get at the connector as it looks really hard to get at.

Any thought or suggestions?
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