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0.5" more fender gap on RR than LR

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I was installing my spacers on Sat and noticed the gap on my RR was a little too high. I finished installing the spacers 5mm up front and 15mm in the rear.

When I finished, I figured I would check the gaps (top of tire to bottom of the wheel arc) and it turns out the RR has a full inch gap and the LR only has a 0.5 inch gap.

I also noticed (when I was jacking up my car to install the spacers) that only the RR was making a squeaking noise until the wheel was off the ground. The LR did not make any noise. I was also able to get the squeaky sound by lifting up and pushing down on the RR tire when it was in the air.

Basically what happened prior to this (this was the only time I noticed the extra gap) was I finally got around to getting the SUM recalibrated. One of the sensors in the front wouldn't update, so I got the dreaded headlights pointing down. I brought my car in to the dealer on Friday and the service manager stated that they had to download some software to get it to work.

After leaving the dealer, the car felt different but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Now it makes sense seeing the 0.5" higher gap on the RR.

For all you experts, what do you think is the problem. I want to give the dealer as much info as possible before I go in.

No pictures for now.


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Re: 0.5" more fender gap on RR than LR (icebiker)

Quote, originally posted by icebiker »
I had this gap difference right after I bought the car. (about 1/2 diff, with the left rear being lower than the right rear). Dealer claimed it was within tolerances, so just left it as is.

The thing that bothers me is that I did not see this difference before Sat., so I am pretty concerned. I am almost cerntain that it happened during my dealer visit or there abouts.

I think that it is rediculous for a dealership to say that it is within tolerance. Anyway, I will give them a call and have them check it out.

Thanks guys!!
Re: 0.5" more fender gap on RR than LR (vLGrok)

Sorry, I was responding to the previous poster's claims during his confrontation with his dealer.

I haven't talked to my dealership yet about tolerances or this gap problem. For all they know, the car is perfect.

Reminds me that I also asked them about a rattle in the RR column. I was 95% certain it was there. Turns out, there is some kind of cable that runs up the column and they said they fixed it. The rattle actually got worse...don't know what they actually did, but it would seem like a good idea to check it again.
Re: 0.5" more fender gap on RR than LR (pie_ya)

Not sure what the dealer checked but he states that my 0.5" higher gap was within spec. They also compared a few Rs on the lot to make sure.

Anyone have any better ideas of what to check?

They also blamed the squeaky noise on the sway bars.

It just doesn't make sense. The car seems to drive and handle just fine, though I know something is not right.
Re: 0.5" more fender gap on RR than LR (IwantaS60R)

The only reason I am concerned is that I had it measured right after I installed the springs and it was exactly the same height on all four gaps. Also, I did not notice it before I had my SUM updated...which was only a week ago.

Otherwise I wouldn't really care that much. So, there has to be a reason for the half inch difference.

The RR doesn't just go up for no reason.
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