If you’ve been around the Volvo brand for more than a few seconds, you know turbos and now superchargers are a big part of the more legendary of Volvo power plants. Given that, we offer you this latest T-shirt design from the team at  Blipshift .

The font and the saying are plucked from the world of Star Wars. That’s okay in our book, as Volvo is a bit of a cult icon just like the legendary saga.

Star Wars hasn’t had any official Volvo arrangement and certainly wouldn’t have product placement given it was long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. Even still, Volvo's commitment to protecting the things closest to us is very reminiscent of the saga's central theme.

This isn’t a Volvo T-shirt specifically, but it still hits close to home.

See more on this shirt and buy it at  Blipshift .