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xc90 v8
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  1. S80 (2007-2016)
    Greetings, I'm trying to diagnose why my cars fuel is reading too rich in bank 1 and 2, I'm getting codes P2006, P0300, P0172, 175, 170, and 173. I think somethings not breathing quite right, but I'm curious on whether it's the MAF sensor, pressure control solenoid valve, the intake manifold...
  2. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    Working on replacing the head gaskets on my v8 xc90. I am utterly stumped with the rear exhaust manifold. There seems to be no way to access the nuts that mount it to the engine without removing subframe and cv axle of the car. Doing this supposedly frees up space from the bottom side. Has...
  3. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    Hi folks, I've been trying to find a good deal on a xc90 for over a year now and I found one I'm interested in and wondering what I might be in for... Here's the link to the listing: 2005 XC90 V8 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale I understand some of the xc90s can have...
1-3 of 3 Results