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  1. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    Hello I just recently got a 2007 xc70 with 119,000 miles on it. I had pulled the dipstick to check the pcv system and I saw smoke from there and the oil cap at idle. I bough the pcv kit from idpusa and replaced the system, made sure to blow air into the bottom engine hole and felt air come from...
  2. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    Looking into getting new rims for my 01' XC70 - Preferably 17" or 18" or even 19" My stock wheels (215/65R16) when put into a tire size calculator come out to 27" (686mm) in diameter and 8.5" (215mm) wide with a 5.5" (140mm) sidewall My main questions are: How wide can I go? (would some...
  3. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    I’ll start this one with a little backstory. I bought my 04 XC70 a little over a year ago with roughly 187k miles on it for cheap because the transmission would shift like hot garbage after it was warmed up and was basically undriveable, but was mostly fine for the ~15 minutes of driving that it...
  4. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    On a long drive, shortly after I bought the vehicle (2003 XC70), the transmission suddenly wouldn't engage anymore, as if I was in neutral. I had noticed before when I let off the gas pedal that the revs dropped to idle i.e. neutral, but would reengage again when I pressed the gas pedal. I also...
  5. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    I have a 2003 xc70 and when you click the wipers on they work but then stop working after the first cycle, or they work at odd times after they're on. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    Hello everyone, I was hoping to not buy a whole new resonator or catback exhaust system for my car. I’d much rather find a solution to join these flanges back together with a new gasket. Before I got a close look I thought I could drill holes on the resonator side to bolt them up but there...
1-6 of 6 Results