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  1. The Wheel and Tire Forum
    I am trying to get a set of smaller OEM 19” wheels and winter tires for my 2022 XC90 Inscription (currently have 21” wheels) and wondering if I would have any issue fitting wheels from older SPA 2016+ XC90s on my 2022. I found a set of used 19” OEM Volvo wheels from a 2017 XC90 but when I check...
  2. The Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hello, I recently picked up an OSD 2022 XC90 T8 and the standard wheels are 20" 10-Spoke Black Diamond Cut - 1080. Seeing the car in person, I don't love the standard wheels. I'm looking to trade the wheels and tires and am willing to pay a little extra as well, for the 21" 8-Multi Spoke Black...
  3. Wheels & Tires Classifieds
    Hi, Selling 17" OE Volvo CRATUS wheels with FALKEN AZENIS FK510 summer tires (205/50R17). Set of 4 rims/tires available. Wheels in good shape, tires used for about 7k miles/9 months. These are from a 2012 Volvo C30 Rdesign. Will fit Volvo C30, S40 (2004-), V50 $500 + freight. I can ship...
    $500 USD
  4. Wheels & Tires Classifieds
    Full set, with TPMS sensors, Volvo XC60 Wheels with Tires. Tires have 1 season on them and are in great shape. Wheels are in great condition as well. Tires are 255/45ZR20 XL 105W 500 A A General G-Max AS-05 with 8-9/32nds tread left. (New they are 10/32nds) Wheels are Volvo "Cratus" 8x20...
    $1,000 USD
1-4 of 4 Results