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volvo s40 t5
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  1. S40 & V40, V40CC (CMA: 2019- )
    Hi everyone, searched the threads and couldn't find the answer I was looking for, so I just bought a Becker 3" downpipe, I am also upping my tune to stage 2 with the rear O2 sensor being deleted. I am posting because the downpipe came with an O2 sensor spacer but it only came with one, so my...
  2. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    Hi, I am looking to buy an S40 T5 facelift. I live in Argentina, and they are very VERY rare over here. Facelift manuals were only sold from 2008-2010, and there are about 20/30 of them in the whole country. At the time, there are none listed for sale (only with auto trans, but I want a manual...
  3. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    Afternoon yall, for about a year or so ive been tracing down this problem in my 05 S40 T5 AWD m66. Whenever i go WOT and shift from 2nd to 3rd, or 3rd to 4th, my fuel or boost cuts out and prevents me from going back onto the throttle unless i let off completely and go back on WOT. However this...
1-3 of 3 Results