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  1. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    I just picked up my CPO 2018 R Design last week. The original window sticker was in the glovebox and mentions in the R Design package "Power Side Support, Front Seats" and "Active bending lights". However when I go to the lumbar and seat extension menu, I do not see an option to adjust the...
  2. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    I am having a problem connecting to low speed can. I have searched the internet and found only one post with the same problem but no solution. It happens in both Vida and Vdash. I have tried on multiple cars and still get the same outcome. I am suspecting my Dice unit is going bad although it...
  3. General Volvo Discussions
    I had the 2014D release in 2019 but that computer (and hard drive) met an unfortunate end thanks to me leaving the laptop on an engine cover while slamming the hood shut. I know there used to be a few links but I can't find anything active now. Thank you.
  4. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    Hello, For some background (apologies if it's too much, I've boldened the most important parts) I've owned a 2004 Volvo XC70 since November 2016. Through that entire winter I felt nothing besides safe and comfortable driving through snowy, icy poorly plowed/salted Central New York. Everything...
  5. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    is there anyone or does anyone know of anyone that can get this progam sorted for me il pay cash eevrything works i jus1t cant login and ive tried every possible solution there is
  6. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    I'm using @roxanaschram 's VIDA virtual machine setup on my mac using VMWare Fusion (https://volvodiag.com/vmware-image/). Everything installs correctly and I am able to get to the login screen just fine, but when I try using any of the usernames (admin, 1, 2, 3 etc), It attempts to log in and...
  7. Want Ads
    Looking for a Dice for the Vida diagnostic program here in Sweden. Send PM, please.
1-7 of 7 Results