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  1. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    I bought an used elevate manifold which had a damaged fitting where the brake/evap vacuum line attaches to. The release ring was cracked as you can see in the picture, and would not release the vacuum tubing, Ieaving me with no other option than yanking the remnants of the old tubing (seller...
  2. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    I'm having a weird problem with my wife's 2011 XC90 3.2 with 131k mi. Recently the vehicle started making a high pitched whine when idling or when the throttle is closed. The engine seems to idle a bit rougher too and I am getting a few error codes: ECM-P017100 System Too Lean (Bank 1)...
  3. C30 (2007-2013)
    Hey everyone, I'm stumped. I recently replaced my TCV on my 08' C30, I went with the OEM Peirburg unit that I found on Amazon for a great deal. Anyway, after installing the new valve it was an instant improvement. Torque and power were more linear and I even averaged almost 30mpg when I took...
  4. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    So, I have a v50 t5 04, and it's just started randomly squeeling, I can hear it soon as I start the car, while I'm driving and when I shut it off for a short time, I realised its the vaccum pump, but can't find a solution, should it squeel, do I replace it it's it only the pump, I found a video...
  5. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    Hi all, When I was dismantling my vacuum pump on my 2013 Volvo XC90 3.2, I broke the clip of the hose that attaches to the pump. How to replace that? Doe I need to replace complete hose (what is part number?) Or can I just replace clip (what is part number?)? Any suggestions? Txs.
  6. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    Hello everyone! I'm a bit stumped and confused here hoping someone can explain why I'm expecting one thing but seeing another. Driving home today I began to hear loud whistling coming from the engine bay, I initially thought belts but low and behold it was air as it instantly goes away once I...
1-6 of 6 Results